Air Conditioner

Solar AC
   Solar AC - CGR35SW
   Solar AC - CGR50SW
   Solar Panel

Split AC
   Split AC - CGBS25SA
   Split AC - CGBS26SA

Window AC
   Window AC - CGAS25WA
   Window AC - CGAS26WA
Air Conditioner - Solar AC

Solar AC - CG R35SW Work must be started after 90 seconds from the time the Ignition switch is turned to the lock position and the negative terminal cable is disconnected from the battery. Failure to carry out service operations in the correct sequence could cause the supplemental restraint system to deploy. possibly leading to a serious accident. During removal or installation of the parts and the yellow wire harness and connector for the airbag is necessary, refer to the precautionary notices in the RS section before performing the operation.

Air Conditioner

Star Rated Hi-Wall


Solar AC - CG R35SW If there is not enough refrigerant in the refrigerant system oil lubrication will be insufficient and compressor burnout may occur, so take care to avoid this.If the high pressure valve is opened, refrigerant flows in the reverse direction and could cause the charging cylinder to rupture, so open and close the low pres sure valve only.If refrigerant is overcharged, it causes problems such as insufficient cooling, poor fuel economy, engine overheating etc.Before removing and inspecting the electrical parts,set the ignition switch to the LOCK position.


1. E ­ Saver mode 2. Auto Cleaning
3. Low Noise 4. Jet Cool
5. Auto Swing 6. Filters: Anti Dust
7. Fin: Active Carbon 8. Copper tubes: Hydrophilic Aluminum
9. Remote: LED Display
                    Auto Restart
                    LCD Display
                    Sleep mode Air Vent
                    Cross flow Vane for less noise
10. IDU Inner Groove
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