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Solar AC
   Solar AC - CGR35SW
   Solar AC - CGR50SW
   Solar Panel

Split AC
   Split AC - CGBS25SA
   Split AC - CGBS26SA

Window AC
   Window AC - CGAS25WA
   Window AC - CGAS26WA
Air Conditioner - Split AC

Split AC - CG BS26SA Ductless mini-split air conditioners are air conditioning systems that provide cooling to one or more rooms. They incorporate the use of a condenser unit that is placed outside the home, with refrigerant and electrical lines that go through the exterior wall to connect to one or more compact, wall-mounted cooling units (zones) inside the home.

Air Conditioner

Star Rated Hi-Wall


Split AC - CG BS26SA Unlike portable or window air conditioners, ductless mini-split systems are considered a permanent fixture, require professional installation and a larger investment. They are however, cheaper to install and less intrusive than central air, which uses the homes duct system and are much more expensive to put in. Ductless mini-split air conditioners can actually.


1. E ­ Saver mode 2. Auto Cleaning
3. Low Noise 4. Jet Cool
5. Auto Swing 6. Filters: Anti Dust
7. Fin: Active Carbon 8. Copper tubes: Hydrophilic Aluminum
9. Remote: LED Display
                    Auto Restart
                    LCD Display
                    Sleep mode Air Vent
                    Cross flow Vane for less noise
10. IDU Inner Groove
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